What do you see?

What do you see, when you look at this picture?


I see the world.


I see our planet pricked with bleeding nails. Nails that we have hammered in. Pollution. Greed. Hate. Fear. Rape. Abuse. Violence. Poverty. Racism. Ageism. Sexism. Fascism.


What has happened to our Humanism? Constant exposure to violence has made us numb. Our compassion is dwindling away.

Interrupted by commercial breaks we watch refugees being caught in camps or drowning in the sea. We are crying for safety and build high walls.


And suddenly a small virus robs us of the illusion that we are in charge and control. It ignores walls and borders. It humiliates us by spreading uncontrollably while threatening to kill us. With it, it brings a little greeting from the future.


Nature will take what belongs to nature. In our arrogance and foolishness, we have not read the signs on the wall. Instead we are racing towards it, in our little hamster wheels, about to crash into a drowning and burning world, free from oxygen. We will die of suffocation. We will drown. And we will burn.


Today, the virus kills the oldest and weakest, lets them die of suffocation. Empty toilet paper shelves are just a pre- taste of the panic we will experience. In the future, there won’t be mercy for anyone.


Unless we make a U-turn, there won’t be a way out.


If you want to change direction, you need to stop or at least slow down. This virus has achieved what decades of futile warnings and many Fridays for Futures couldn’t do: It made us cancel flights and stay at home. It brings the world to a standstill. It reminds us that we

are all one, that there are no walls. That control and safety are only an illusion. Maybe it will bring us back to our senses, remind us of the things that are important.


We can see the first blossoms of humanity in China and Italy, where people in quarantine, strangers, encourage and support each other by standing in their windows, singing together.


How long would the world have to stand still to make a U-turn? How long would we have to stand and sing together? How long is a piece of string?


Let’s not mess this up. This is our chance.


Pia H.