Welcome to the No Labels No Walls + We Are One Festival 2020

No Labels No Walls + We Are One Festival 2020 is the culmination of collaboration and volunteerism in the time of global Covid-19 crisis


The international No Labels No Walls + We Are One festival on 14. – 19.9.2020 brings people together from all over the world to celebrate humanity and to create positive social change. The Festival offers art, culture and action and will happen totally online and is free for everybody to join and enjoy! The program consists of over 50 different events consisting of art, music, dance, discussions, workshops, talks and other performances streamed to the audience live through the No Labels No Walls website and other digital platforms.

Digital festival offers new opportunities and possibilities

“When the Corona situation happened we started to think of opportunities to create a festival in a safe way. The starting point was, that the festival is going to happen, because these dire times demand a feeling, that we are in this together.” comments Markus Vähälä the coordinator of the No Labels No Walls network.

At the same time the duration of the festival grew to a six day event due to demand. The festival is mostly created through volunteer action and will stream live and pre recorded content for six days straight. “I don’t think that this has ever been done like this before, as a co-designed co-created collaboration of international and local people and NGO’s.” says Vähälä. The NGO’s should be frontrunners in their ability to create positive change while being agile and courageous. Their ability to offer possibilities to act and be active in new ways that engage people individually and collectively is essential. This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to find a connection with other people regardless of people’s origin and background and to learn and share. Together we are more, together we are stronger in our ability to create a better global society for all citizens.”

The co-creation of the festival has demanded a new way of thinking, collaboration and courage to experiment something that did not have a certain form at the beginning. “The production of the festival is constantly changing and being redesigned. It is a continuous process, where we experiment and restructure our action based on feedback and data. The technical production of the festival is a collaborative effort together with the students and teachers in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. 

The Festival connects

Taking the festival online and expanding the program means that more people can produce and enjoy the festival without the limits of time and location. There was an open call for contributors and everybody got a chance to bring their talent and skills to the festival and to inspire other people. The only demand was to share and respect the values of the No Labels No Walls movement. The main festival organizers provide programs from Finland, Scotland and the USA. The open call has attracted contributors from all over the world for example from South-Africa, Sweden, India and Turkey.

“The Strindberg Laboratory is proud to co-create this year’s virtual festival. We are so excited to have organizations and individuals participating, connecting and sharing with people around the world on culture, art and issues that affect all of us. This virtual festival is a chance to show what drives us to make the world a little bit better. From California and from across the United States, we have organizations and people from Trans Rights groups, Labor unions, civil rights and social justice organizations, immigrants, veterans, musicians and artists. From the USA our hope is to reach out to international partners and individuals in order to build a holistic community that spans the globe.” comments the director of The Strindberg Laboratory from Los Angeles.


Markus Vähälä continues: “The Festival offers citizens and communities a platform to be heard and to connect with others. We think that every individual has an important role in creating a unified world. It is great to see how many people want to participate in creating this festival  and that so many people from various backgrounds are represented. We all have our own story and our own message!” 

The festival is produced by the central association of culture and wellbeing Kukunori from Finland, The Strindberg Laboratory from Los Angeles USA and We Are One community from Glasgow Scotland.

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