One job well done, please.

The curtain on the stage is falling down – at least for my part for this time. As always, I have been in the production team, using my skills and magic to make dreams become true. Working in the shadows is my trade, hidden from the viewers.

This has been my sixth or eighth festival that I have been building in successively years. Spending months and months just for planning and preparing, organizing and solving requests, needs and targets. Long days and sometimes long evenings and nights – before the actual festival, that is. So far I have succeeded to maintain an illusion of festivals being easy to produce. But trust me when I say that it’s a full day’s work for months prior of the Big Day(s).


The curtain is down, and I pull a hoodie over my superhero spandex, grab my technomage’s staff from the corner before I exit to the quiet streets lit by looming moonlight, mist twirling around my legs as I splash my way over the vet tarmac. Once more my work is done. I give myself a mental pat on my back, knowing that I’ve done best what I could with the limited resources and time I was given. Sometimes conjuring little miracles out of almost thin air to twist reality and make impossible possible. I guess only few people truly realize how much work and effort a good show requires nowadays.


While I walk down the quiet street, I try to imagine what good I have been able to accomplish this time. Mostly my efforts seem to bear no fruit, and many fruits fall beyond my line of sight, and beyond my capability of reading the future. I do not know which of my acts carry beyond decades to come, changing some other unknown alien’s life to an unimaginable direction, hopefully for his or her or it’s benefit and better and more hopeful future. Which is one of the reasons I do like to remain in the shadows, creating new possibilities and faiths for audiences I never meet in person.


I cannot take any credit of creating a successful festival all by myself. On the contrary, this is teamwork. We rely on each others, promoting our individual skills and thoughts, uniting in the creation to produce something unique, something that is worth of remembering. It’s good work, and even as I feel exhausted and ready to fall into stupor for a week or so, I know that I have done good. Looking the eyes of my companions I know they feel the same way.


I have served, we have served well again, using our talents for changing the world. I know I cannot change the world alone, but maybe with co-operation we all can guide the world to move to a direction we want it to move to.