One job well done, please.

One job well done, please.

The curtain on the stage is falling down – at least for my part for this time. As always, I have been in the production team, using my skills and magic to make dreams become true. Working in the shadows is my trade, hidden from the viewers.

This has been my sixth or eighth festival that I have been building in successively years. Spending months and months just for planning and preparing, organizing and solving requests, needs and targets. Long days and sometimes long evenings and nights – before the actual festival, that is. So far I have succeeded to maintain an illusion of festivals being easy to produce. But trust me when I say that it’s a full day’s work for months prior of the Big Day(s).


The curtain is down, and I pull a hoodie over my superhero spandex, grab my technomage’s staff from the corner before I exit to the quiet streets lit by looming moonlight, mist twirling around my legs as I splash my way over the vet tarmac. Once more my work is done. I give myself a mental pat on my back, knowing that I’ve done best what I could with the limited resources and time I was given. Sometimes conjuring little miracles out of almost thin air to twist reality and make impossible possible. I guess only few people truly realize how much work and effort a good show requires nowadays.


While I walk down the quiet street, I try to imagine what good I have been able to accomplish this time. Mostly my efforts seem to bear no fruit, and many fruits fall beyond my line of sight, and beyond my capability of reading the future. I do not know which of my acts carry beyond decades to come, changing some other unknown alien’s life to an unimaginable direction, hopefully for his or her or it’s benefit and better and more hopeful future. Which is one of the reasons I do like to remain in the shadows, creating new possibilities and faiths for audiences I never meet in person.


I cannot take any credit of creating a successful festival all by myself. On the contrary, this is teamwork. We rely on each others, promoting our individual skills and thoughts, uniting in the creation to produce something unique, something that is worth of remembering. It’s good work, and even as I feel exhausted and ready to fall into stupor for a week or so, I know that I have done good. Looking the eyes of my companions I know they feel the same way.


I have served, we have served well again, using our talents for changing the world. I know I cannot change the world alone, but maybe with co-operation we all can guide the world to move to a direction we want it to move to.


4 programs for people who loves to dance and move their body

4 programs for people who loves to dance and move their body

You know that kid who can’t stay still but is always hand standing or jumping around? Well, that kid was me. Expressing my feelings by movement has been natural for me and fortunately I was able to take dance lessons and channel my energy to a sport I loved.

During the years movement has become an art form where I can express myself. Even if it is just dancing at home or making choreography for my team it is a way to use my creativity and share with others. Physical movement is also an opportunity to make change in society and break barriers as it offers us the possibility to come together and share without words or common language.


Check here my tips to join the movement by moving your body during festival week!


1. Dancing is for everyone! Danceability Workshop

Tuesday 15th of September

15:00-16:00 finnish time

13:00-14:00 scottish time

5am-6am Pacific


“In this workshop, we work with movement improvisation and finding what is available to everyone to find the common group language so we can have fun moving together. You do not need any experience – all you need is a body to join!”


I am a person who loves to do improvisation during dancing and just go out and dance with others. During the times of the pandemic this has not been possible so I am really looking forward to joining others to dance together and have fun!


2. A stage without boundaries – a dance movie

Tuesday 15th of September

18:00-19:00 finnish time

16:00-17:00 scottish time

8am-9am Pacific


“This is a dance movie where mountain tops, ancient theaters to the livingroom become the stage.”


When I first met Gizem in a remote meeting I was so impressed with her idea of a stage and inspired the courage to go out and express herself through dancing. After the meeting I felt like I could just go out and dance! Even if I did not have actual courage to do that I feel like the world would be a better place if we would dance more in public. Maybe I start my dancing journey somewhere in the woods in Finland and work up from that.

However see the movie to get inspired and come to join the Q&A after the movie in Zoom!


3. Nora Amin: UnlOcking 3

Friday 18th of September

16:30-17:30 finnish time

14:30-16:30 scottish time

6.30am-7.30am Pacific


“Join Nora Amin as she conducts a Lecture/masterclass on dance, activism & healing rituals. An interactive online lecture/talk that includes active participation from all viewers, to explore dance practises that address personal experiences, diverse corporealities and performative activism.”


Amin’s workshop sounds really interesting one! The best thing about the digital festival is that people are able to share with others around the world and the physical place does not matter if you just have an internet connection. Really excited to be able to do this one at home!


4. Yoga and Meditation by Sue Darling Elivique

19th Saturday

19:30-21:00 finnish time

17:30-19:00 scottish time

09:30 am-11am Pacific


“Join Sue Darling for her special yoga class. This special class will focus on as many people around the world gathering together, to practice UNITY while generating positive, peaceful energy…and exploring our self from the inside.”


I have tried yoga many times in my life but I felt for a long time that I don’t really get it. To be honest I just felt stupid when doing yoga and trying to listen my body and breath when I was used to drive my body to it’s limits during sports. However last year was a breakthrough for me when I had already given up and thought that yoga is not for me. I attended yoga class at the university when I was living abroad and felt that something was different. Since then I have been exploring yoga! This class is something I am really looking forward to and a perfect way to spend the last day of the festival.



Festival coordinator



Welcome to the No Labels No Walls + We Are One Festival 2020

Welcome to the No Labels No Walls + We Are One Festival 2020

No Labels No Walls + We Are One Festival 2020 is the culmination of collaboration and volunteerism in the time of global Covid-19 crisis


The international No Labels No Walls + We Are One festival on 14. – 19.9.2020 brings people together from all over the world to celebrate humanity and to create positive social change. The Festival offers art, culture and action and will happen totally online and is free for everybody to join and enjoy! The program consists of over 50 different events consisting of art, music, dance, discussions, workshops, talks and other performances streamed to the audience live through the No Labels No Walls website and other digital platforms.

Digital festival offers new opportunities and possibilities

“When the Corona situation happened we started to think of opportunities to create a festival in a safe way. The starting point was, that the festival is going to happen, because these dire times demand a feeling, that we are in this together.” comments Markus Vähälä the coordinator of the No Labels No Walls network.

At the same time the duration of the festival grew to a six day event due to demand. The festival is mostly created through volunteer action and will stream live and pre recorded content for six days straight. “I don’t think that this has ever been done like this before, as a co-designed co-created collaboration of international and local people and NGO’s.” says Vähälä. The NGO’s should be frontrunners in their ability to create positive change while being agile and courageous. Their ability to offer possibilities to act and be active in new ways that engage people individually and collectively is essential. This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to find a connection with other people regardless of people’s origin and background and to learn and share. Together we are more, together we are stronger in our ability to create a better global society for all citizens.”

The co-creation of the festival has demanded a new way of thinking, collaboration and courage to experiment something that did not have a certain form at the beginning. “The production of the festival is constantly changing and being redesigned. It is a continuous process, where we experiment and restructure our action based on feedback and data. The technical production of the festival is a collaborative effort together with the students and teachers in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. 

The Festival connects

Taking the festival online and expanding the program means that more people can produce and enjoy the festival without the limits of time and location. There was an open call for contributors and everybody got a chance to bring their talent and skills to the festival and to inspire other people. The only demand was to share and respect the values of the No Labels No Walls movement. The main festival organizers provide programs from Finland, Scotland and the USA. The open call has attracted contributors from all over the world for example from South-Africa, Sweden, India and Turkey.

“The Strindberg Laboratory is proud to co-create this year’s virtual festival. We are so excited to have organizations and individuals participating, connecting and sharing with people around the world on culture, art and issues that affect all of us. This virtual festival is a chance to show what drives us to make the world a little bit better. From California and from across the United States, we have organizations and people from Trans Rights groups, Labor unions, civil rights and social justice organizations, immigrants, veterans, musicians and artists. From the USA our hope is to reach out to international partners and individuals in order to build a holistic community that spans the globe.” comments the director of The Strindberg Laboratory from Los Angeles.


Markus Vähälä continues: “The Festival offers citizens and communities a platform to be heard and to connect with others. We think that every individual has an important role in creating a unified world. It is great to see how many people want to participate in creating this festival  and that so many people from various backgrounds are represented. We all have our own story and our own message!” 

The festival is produced by the central association of culture and wellbeing Kukunori from Finland, The Strindberg Laboratory from Los Angeles USA and We Are One community from Glasgow Scotland.

No Labels No Walls + We Are One Festival 2020 Contact info: Kukunori Markus Vähälä [email protected]

+358503461011 https://kukunori.fi/ Helsinki Suomi

The Strindberg Laboratory

Michael Bierman

[email protected]

+1 (714) 310 5073

https://strindberglaboratory.com Los Angeles USA We Are One John Dalrymple & Frances Brown

[email protected]

[email protected] +44 (0) 7765 246345 https://weareone5.wixsite.com/website-2 https://citizen-network.org/ Glasgow Scotland



We are proud to announce the No Labels No Walls + We Are One Festival 2020!

We are proud to announce the No Labels No Walls + We Are One Festival 2020!

“Opening up for a creative celebration. Opening up to a world where everyone is equal and every single person matters. Opening up to a real change for the better is now or never.”


The 2nd annual No Labels No Walls + We Are One Festival will take place starting Monday September 14th through September 19th 2020. This is the first Festival that’s about all of us! This Festival invites citizens from all around the world to connect through Art, Culture and Action. We will have films, art, music, discussions and much much more! What do you want to create with us? All are welcome as we build unity and action to create stronger citizenship.


This year’s festival is digital and will be presented on-line through www.nolabelsnowalls.net and through our network’s social media.


We invite you to participate in the festival, as producers, as artists, as experts, as spectators, as people! Open up! Come as you are and join the movement, because We Are One! Everyone is welcome to the Festival and it is completely free!


Please register to the festival as an contributor now: https://pokka.kukunori.fi/kukunori/festival2020


The Festival is produced by No Labels No Walls and We Are One networks. The festival is coordinated by Kukunori in Helsinki, Finland, The Strindberg Laboratory in Los Angeles, USA and We Are One community in Glasgow, Scotland. The festival is part of the global CitizenFest -movement by Citizen Network.


#openingup #allwelcome #jointhemovement #nolabelsnowalls #weareone #citizenfest


For more information:

Markus Vähälä

Kukunori ry


+358 50 346 101

[email protected]


Michael Bierman

The Strindberg Laboratory

United States

+1 714 310 5073


John Dalrymple & Frances Brown

We Are One


+44 77 65 246 345


Read more about the festival in Finnish: https://fi.nolabelsnowalls.net/citizenfest-2020


The World is changing – Lasse L.

The World is changing - Lasse L.

I was asked to write a blog entry about my relationship with NLNW -movement. I have never thought of myself to be a good writer so it took quite a while – especially after the outbreak begun. But then a friend gave me some good advice about writing which opened my eyes. The message should not be about the group NLNW, but instead be about my personal point of view about being in the group. NLNW is not just a movement, it’s the sum of all its members and participants, myself included.


I came into the movement by accident. I just happened to meet M&M in one meeting. I didn’t speak much there, but after the meeting Michael invited me to join in, he was impressed by my words. And just like that, being in the right place at the right moment, I stumbled into this international movement. That’s also happens to be one of the movement’s goals: To be in the right place, at the right time – and talking with the right people with the right words.


I soon sank deep into building the movement, since there is an overwhelming amount of meetings, talking and ideas, and very little action to make the ideas come into reality. I knew where I would be needed most: action with my hands. I volunteered to do things that were needed, and soon I was organizing, planning and building our very first festival. I knew that my work helped all the artists to concentrate on their contributions for the festival and by me providing the infrastructure for those contributions I knew I was helping their message to be heard. It’s rough work with little physical rewards, but I believed that our movement is on the right track.


Now the World is changing, faster than what we were prepared for. I do not know what the future will bring, and what kind of world will be waiting for us, once the present pandemic is over – or will it ever be completely over? I don’t know. I know that now is our chance to react, adapt and adjust our NLNW to our new shared reality, and learn to live together in this new world. Learning will require much more work, and we will triumph and falter, but I trust we will evolve and become better, stronger, and our message will be clearer for all. Now it’s time to move on and continue the work. It’s our chance to help shape the world to come.


What do you see?

What do you see?

What do you see, when you look at this picture?


I see the world.


I see our planet pricked with bleeding nails. Nails that we have hammered in. Pollution. Greed. Hate. Fear. Rape. Abuse. Violence. Poverty. Racism. Ageism. Sexism. Fascism.


What has happened to our Humanism? Constant exposure to violence has made us numb. Our compassion is dwindling away.

Interrupted by commercial breaks we watch refugees being caught in camps or drowning in the sea. We are crying for safety and build high walls.


And suddenly a small virus robs us of the illusion that we are in charge and control. It ignores walls and borders. It humiliates us by spreading uncontrollably while threatening to kill us. With it, it brings a little greeting from the future.


Nature will take what belongs to nature. In our arrogance and foolishness, we have not read the signs on the wall. Instead we are racing towards it, in our little hamster wheels, about to crash into a drowning and burning world, free from oxygen. We will die of suffocation. We will drown. And we will burn.


Today, the virus kills the oldest and weakest, lets them die of suffocation. Empty toilet paper shelves are just a pre- taste of the panic we will experience. In the future, there won’t be mercy for anyone.


Unless we make a U-turn, there won’t be a way out.


If you want to change direction, you need to stop or at least slow down. This virus has achieved what decades of futile warnings and many Fridays for Futures couldn’t do: It made us cancel flights and stay at home. It brings the world to a standstill. It reminds us that we

are all one, that there are no walls. That control and safety are only an illusion. Maybe it will bring us back to our senses, remind us of the things that are important.


We can see the first blossoms of humanity in China and Italy, where people in quarantine, strangers, encourage and support each other by standing in their windows, singing together.


How long would the world have to stand still to make a U-turn? How long would we have to stand and sing together? How long is a piece of string?


Let’s not mess this up. This is our chance.


Pia H.


We Are Stronger Together! -Tim Saarinen

We Are Stronger Together! -Tim Saarinen


Nyt kun kerran viimeinkin teemme paljon asioita ja saamme huomiota muutoinkin maailmalta,

olisi varmaan aika suunnitella myös hivenen tulevaakin.

Ei tämä liike saa jäädä vain yksiin festareihin, vaan tarkoituksenahan on jatkaa tätä paljolti


Yksi tapa varmistaa tämän liikkeen jatkuvuus olisi järjestää verkostopäivät. Yksi päivä jolloin

keräännymme yhteen verkostoitumaan. Tutustutaan toistemme järjestöihin ja muutoinkin

toisiimme. Mielestäni tämä auttaisi meitä ymmärtämään paremmin toisiamme ja kykyjämme. Ja

jos esimerkkinä aiomme toimia muille, että yhdessä on enemmän voimaa, täytyisi meidän

varmistaa että yhteistyö keskenämme toimisi mielellään muutoinkin kuin vain NLNW


Mitä voisimmekaan yhdessä keksiä? Mitä yhdessä voisimmekaan tehdä? Mitä hankkeita tai

projekteja yhteistyö voisikaan poikia? Mitä uutta voisimmekaan kentälle tuottaa? Miten

voisimme yhdessä rakentaa parempaa tulevaisuutta ja kestävää kehitystä?

Verkostoituminen kannattaa aina. Sillä kuten tässä projektissa ihmiset yleensä sanovatkin,

”yhteisössä ja yhteistyössä on voimaa”.


Pia Hyppönen – Whose lane is it anyway?

Pia Hyppönen - Whose lane is it anyway?

Some summers ago, as an assignment for an online course, I started writing a

blog. One of my last entries, about a week or two after starting the whole thing, was about cycling on the cycle paths of Helsinki where I live. Please don’t ask why I stopped writing that blog, it’s just not my thing. There’s enough superfluous information and opinion out there. For that reason, I am not on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram either. And while I am at it, I confess that for many years I didn’t watch the news on a regular basis and…survived! Why didn’t I watch the news? Because it depressed me. It brought me down and took my will to live. It made me feel powerless, frustrated and scared. I wanted to scream at those big boys and girls in smart suits ‘Grow up! Get real! Is this what your mother taught



As part of recent degree studies, it was recommended to stay up-to-date, and so I started

reading and watching it again. I seriously doubt if watching the news 24/7 helps anybody. Is it possible that it feeds the conflicts we have in ourselves and thus create a perpetual motion machine running on resentment, pride and greed, creating more of it? I still want to scream at the grey boys and girls and I still wonder, who let them out of their sandboxes but I don’t feel so powerless anymore. I suspect that accepting the fact that I can’t change the world, while I can make a difference in my little corner of the universe, explains why I am overall contented. Appreciating the beauty in the world, the helpfulness amongst strangers, smiles between people, all that gives me hope. But I digress. There are of course

things that annoy and knock me off the perch of my serenity. Since this is about labels and walls, I’ll give you an example of a pet label of mine. Tourists. More accurately, tourists on cycle paths. If you are a tourist guide or happen to know one, please pass on the message: strolling, standing or taking photos on a cycle path is dangerous. If you hear the ring of a bell, chances are, a cyclist is approaching at, more or less high speed. Please, please, please do look up, and get out of the way! I know, some cyclists don’t ring. They sneak up close, quietly and quickly from behind and yell something into your ear. I don’t know

what they are shouting, but I have observed this once and wouldn´t be surprised if the tourist in question suffers from multiple auditory and mental traumas. The incident made me feel better about my own conduct, which was much more pedagogical. I used to have the tendency to ring first, and only if people didn’t react, I would shout, passing at full speed, ‘CYCLE PATH!!!’, hoping to develop a combination of Pavlovian reflex and 100th monkey effect. When I told my friends about my cunning strategy, they pointed out, that what I was shouting, sounded like ‘PSYCHOPATH!!!’ and since then they are making fun of me. Upon (self-) reflection I had to admit that not only in terms of getting ‘them’ off the cycle paths, but also in making a peaceful difference in my little corner of the universe, my method could only be described as counterproductive. It obviously didn’t work, or freely quoting Elton John,

they are still standing. My solution to the problem is using a different approach today (including ringing the bell, slowing down, smiling and, if necessary stopping and starting a conversation about the weather) and I find, that I am much less annoyed and feeling crazy that way. That reminds me of a definition of insanity attributed to Einstein, who defined it as doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. Anyway, if you have visited Helsinki during the summers between 2006 and 2015, and wonder why an obviously crazy woman on a bike (on a wet day dressed in a yellow rain suit) called you a psychopath, be assured, it wasn’t about you per se. It was about where you were at that moment in time. Sorry.


If there is no cycle lane, I rarely use the road. I don’t get off my bike either, I keep on cycling on the sidewalk, slaloming through pedestrians. Yes, mea culpa, it is not right, but trust

me, I am careful and when I feel it’s getting unsafe, I get off and push. Sometimes I get shouted at but I think ‘yeah, yeah’ and continue. By now you might have recognized my tendency to apply double-standards. I like it when other people follow rules I do not follow strictly myself.


Anyway, one early autumn night some years ago, I was cycling home after visiting a friend. The cycle lane close to her house had been under construction for the whole summer, during which the opposite sidewalk served also as a cycle path. That day, whilst out with my friend’s dog, my heart filled with happiness when I saw that the works on the cycle path had been completed. That night, on my way home, I cycled on the sidewalk out of pure habit after using it the whole summer. The evening was dark and gloomy, it rained and I just wanted to get home as quickly as possible. Maybe 30 metres in front of me, I saw a middle-

aged man with a small dachshund on a long leash coming towards me. I prepared to slow down and if necessary, get off my bike, but suddenly the man spread his arms like wings and stepped towards me and shouted that I was not going to cycle there!! Who did I think I was? What made me so special? Cycle on the other side!! I shouted back, what business of his it was and made a U-turn to get away from him.


And then I stopped. I turned around and waited for him. I would like to say that I was calm and collected but that would be a lie. We spoke at each other at high volume without listening. How could I explain to him that I wasn’t going to harm him, that it was pure habit after the summer? He came physically too close, I told him not to and he told me unless I was 12 years old, I was not to cycle here. Of course, he was right, he had the law on his side. My feeble response was that I just looked very old for my age,

which he answered with a snort of disdain. I looked at his cute dog and was impressed how quiet he was, I would have expected him to bark as much and as loud as his owner, but the dachshund was the most sensible of all of us. And then, a sudden inspiration turned the stranger’s virtue to shame and my agitation to calm. ‘Where’s your pooh bag?’ ‘Pardon?’ ‘Where is your pooh bag? You should have a pooh

bag. Show me your pooh bag.’

‘What??!?’ ‘I cross the street, if you show me your pooh bag.’

He was flustered, ‘I just used it.’

‘It? Are you telling me you only had one pooh bag with you? That’s taking quite

a risk, isn’t it?’ He fumbled in the pockets of his elegant tailor-made coat and dug up a scrambled receipt, which he, mumbling ‘here it is’, stuffed right back to where he had found it. He was lying! ‘You don’t have a pooh bag, so I am not going to cross the road. Have a good evening.’ and off I cycled on the moral high ground of my sandbox. And what’s the moral of the story?

You tell me.


Pia Hyppönen – No Labels, No Walls, No Age

Pia Hyppönen - No Labels, No Walls, No Age


Have you ever taken part in a survey? An article in the English version of Helsingin Sanomat published on the 12th of October 2014 states that, “Over 80s not allowed to have their say in surveys”. I don’t know if this is still the case, and I am not sure, if I should call myself lucky to fit into the bracket of 15-79 year olds. As it happens, nobody has called me recently to ask for my opinion, but here it is anyway: Not letting people have their say based on their age is Discrimination. Discriminating against people based on their age is ageism. Our society is, (this really means: we are) ageist. What makes the opinion of a 15-year-old more significant than that of an 80-year- old? Don’t get me wrong, this is not against 15-year-olds’ expertise on life, we all know they know everything. What we don’t know, because we don’t ask, is what we might need when we get old, and what it is like to grow older. Why don’t we ask? Why do we rather shut out those who do have the experience? I think we are scared. We fear the labels we have attached to age. By labelling ourselves or other people according to the year of birth and all the connotations that go with it, we are building walls. They shut out new experiences, learning and growth. My mother is 70. Somehow, she missed the information demographic change gives us, that 80 is the new 60. She turned old when she blew out the last candle on her 50th birthday cake. She believed the myth that people over fifty are old and soon useless. And so, believing this for the past 20 years, she has not been a happy bunny. Hands up: who loves getting old? Who loves standing in front of the mirror, happily counting grey hairs and wrinkles? Who is excited about putting on weight just by looking at a piece of cake? Well, I am not entirely, but I wouldn’t want to be 15 or 25 again either. I can do without the Weltschmerz attached to that age bracket. Life gets easier with 50. The hair and wrinkles? Thanks to my developing presbyopia I can’t see them, let alone count them. I accept them, as part of the process, I won’t dye them or get them botoxed. I don’t really care about age. But you can make my day, if you think of me as ten years younger. We are starting to understand that age is a question of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. We grow older, that’s just a fact of life. If you don’t like it, consider the alternative. Preferences, needs and abilities often change with age but we also know how to stay mentally and physically healthy for longer. Having said this, isn’t it ageist to think that only a fit senior is a good senior? Isn’t it ageist to assume that ‘old’ equals dementia? Sickness? Wisdom? Experience? Fragility? Loneliness? And isn’t it ageist to assume that youth means the opposite? It’s not the amount of years that count, but what we do with them. Every generation has its problems and solutions. Often, they repeat themselves because we haven’t learned from our past. With all those people over 79, there is an ever-growing pool of knowledge and experience out there, that only can come with time. On the other hand, I observe an amazing ability to self-reflect in young people. To judge and exclude people based on their age is not only ageist, it is also very short sighted. We are sitting in the same boat. If we learn to listen to and learn from each other we can make it.



Tim Saarinen – No Labels No Walls

Tim Saarinen - No Labels No Walls


Mikäli haluamme poistaa stigmaa, täytyy olla valmiita tutkimaan, opettamaan ja ohjaamaan. Stigma ei poistu yhdelläkään postauksella, mielipiteellä, poliittisella päätöksellä, uskonnolla, aatteella, ideologialla tai ryhmällä… Ellei kyetä opettamaan ja ohjaamaan ihmisiä oikeaan suuntaan.

Suurin osa stigmasta tulee siitä mistä ymmärretäänkin sen tulevan: Ennakkoluuloista, peloista, sekä vääristä käsityksistä. Niistä pääsee eroon vain näkemällä paljon vaivaa ihmisten ohjaamiseen, sekä heidän yleisen kulttuurin muutoksen aikaansaamiseksi. Suurin osa siitä työstä on kehittämistä, tutkimista, asioiden todentamista, sekä ennen kaikkea osoittaa, että kaikki ihmiset ovat samanlaisia huolimatta heidän eroavaisuuksistaan. Pitää kehittää yksinkertaisia, mutta toimivia menetelmiä. Menetelmät eivät saa olla riippuvaisia yksittäisistä ihmisistä tai organisaatioista.


Mikäli tämä ryhmä haluaa ajaa tasa-arvoa, sen täytyy näyttää se jokaisessa vaiheessa tekemisissään. Tasa-arvo ei ole itseisarvo. Eikä sitä näe tai koe, ellei sen eteen tee tarpeeksi työtä. Emme voi ”saarnata” tasa-arvosta, mikäli ryhmän sisällä kaikki eivät koe olevansa tasa-arvoisia. On aivan sama kuka tekee ja mitä (keittää kahvit tai johtaa ryhmää tai saapuu edes nukkumaan sohvalle), kunhan jokainen kuuluu ryhmään ja jokaisen tekemistä arvotetaan yhtä paljon. Ihmiset kokevat tasa-arvon todella monilla eri tavoilla ja tasoilla. SINÄ OLET TÄRKEÄ – on uskomattoman vahva viesti. Mikäli siihen ei usko, ei usko muuhunkaan. Aivan sama kuinka hieno idea taustalla on. Tasa-arvo näiden kaltaisissa asioissa lähtee kaikista meistä itsestämme. Jos me uskomme tasa-arvoon, sekä koemme sitä itsekin, saamme muutkin siihen uskomaan.


No Labels No Walls perustuu lopulta yksinkertaiseen viestiin: Kaikkien ääni kuuluviin, Kaikki tekevät yhdessä, Ei muureja, Ei stigmaa (tai muitakaan titteleitä). Kuitenkin tämä yksinkertainen viesti on todella vaikeaa saada läpi. Tai no, helppoa joo, mikäli postataan loputtomasti hienoja sanoja ja kuvia nettiin. Mutta silloin se saavuttaa näkyvyyden vain siinä porukassa, joka itsessään on jo suunnilleen mukanakin. Tärkeää on saada muutosta. Sellaista mikä näkyy ja tuntuu. Ja koska muutos lähtee jokaisesta itsestään, täytyy antaa sellaisia elämyksiä, kokemuksia, sekä elämän oppitunteja, jotta ihminen muuttuu ja oppii ymmärtämään paremmin. Me EMME voi itse muuttaa maailmaa. Me VOIMME auttaa jokaista osallistumaan muutokseen. Huominen on parempi vain jos edes uskomme sen olevan parempi. Huominen on 100% varmasti parempi vasta, kun se voidaan täysin todentaa.


Heittona No Walls on hyvä. Mutta se voidaan katsoa myös vahvasti poliittisena. On tärkeää, että julkisessa viestinnässämme emme ota liian vahvasti kantaa politiikkaan. Jos otamme, meidän täytyy näyttää toteen miksi jokin ei toimi tai toimii. Emme voi muutoin valita puolia poliittisella kentällä. Tasa-arvon ajaminen itsessään tekee ihmisestä osittain neutraalin. Emme voi koskaan hyväksyä erilaisuutta, mikäli emme sitä halua ymmärtää. Politiikka on tärkeä keino tavoitteiden saavuttamiseksi valtakunnallisella tasolla. Mutta me emme voi olla poliittinen liike. Henkilökohtaisesti toivon, että politiikka pidetään itse perus ajatuksesta erossa. Täytyy ymmärtää miksi joku vastustaa muureja, mutta täytyy myös ymmärtää miksi muureilla on joskus merkityksensä.

Muutoin tuo osa nimestä on kuvaava ja hyvä. Rikomme muureja ainakin ihmisten mielistä ja käsityksistä. Sekä toivottavasti ihmisten, että myös organisaatioiden väliltä.


Olen kristitty, vaikkakaan sillä ei ole yhtään mitään merkitystä mihinkään. Ainakaan niin kauan kuin puhutaan työstä tai yleisesti ideologioista. Toivon todella vahvasti, että tämä ryhmä pitää itsensä täysin neutraalina uskontojen suhteen. Uskonnoista voi saada voimaa, näkemyksiä, ideoita tai muita asioita. Mutta julkisesti emme voi olla Jumalan, Jehovan, Allahin, Krishnan, Raijin, Anubiksen, Apollon, Terminuksen, Ahdin tai muunkaan uskonnon tai niiden edustajien kannattajia. Täytyy jälleen muistaa, että tasa-arvo käsittää myös kaikki uskonnot, kuten senkin ettei usko mihinkään.


Koska rakennamme yhteistyötä, sekä keinoja niihin. Tulee pitää huolta siitä, että itse olemme yhteistyössä ja haluamme sitä. Toivon vahvasti, ettei kukaan ole mukana vain huvikseen, tai siksi että se sattuisi näyttämään hyvältä. Jos me alamme mallintamaan asioita, täytyy pitää huolta että itse näytämme esimerkkiä. Yhteistyö lähtee ideasta ja ideologiasta. Toiveista ja haluista. Mutta valitettavasti turhankin usein se yleensä kaatuu, silloinkin loppumetreillä. Silloin kun aletaan puhua tekemisestä ja vastuusta, turhan useat katoavat. On aina kiire tai ei ole resursseja. Kannattaa miettiä hyvissä ajoin mitä haluaa ja todella voi tehdä. Kuinka pitkälle on valmis menemään missäkin asiassa tai tehtävässä. Jos ei ole varma, kannattaa sekin ilmaista hyvissä ajoin.

Yhteistyö toimii kuten monet muutkin asiat, jos heikoinkin pärjää – pärjää kaikki muutkin. Yksin meistä ei pärjää kukaan. Tee vain se mitä osaat ja jaksat. Tai muutoin osallistu tukeaksesi ja oppiaksesi. Älä ota vastuuta jota et voi tehdä, saati halua tehdä. Näin isojen asioiden parissa tarvitsemme kaiken sen avun jota voimme saada.


Tämän pitäisi olla itsestään selvyys: Tämä kaikki on täysin vapaaehtoista. Ketään meistä ei ole tähän pakotettu tai painostettu. Jos olisi, olisi syytä koko ryhmän miettiä olemassaolonsa tarkoitusperää.

Vapaaehtoisuuteen liittyy myös monet muutkin asiat. Kuten vahvana esimerkkinä itse festarit. Mikäli meillä ei ole järeää rahallista tukea niiden järjestämiseksi, tarvitaan massiivinen lauma vapaaehtoisia toteuttamaan asioita. Olisi hyvä muistaa, että turhankin monet meistä ovat oletettavasti työssä omissa yhdistyksissään. Voi olla todella vaikeaa irrottaa isoa ryhmää ihmisiä työpaikaltaan jos hanke- tai muu työ estää osallistumasta itse järjestelyihin ja viralliseen toteutukseen.

Tällöin pitää saada vapaaehtoisia. Jotka eivät hae palkkaa tai muitakaan korvauksia tekemästään työstä. Tämä sama pätee myös esiintyjiin. Jos emme voi palkata, pyydämme maksutta. Jolloin kannattaa varmistaa myös tekijänoikeudelliset asiat, ettei korvaus vaatimuksia tule jälkikäteen (itse joskus ollut pulassa tuossa asiassa).

Joka tapauksessa, vaikka rahaa olisikin, suuret festarit vaativat järeän määrän vapaaehtoisia. Tarvitaan siivoojia, järjestyksenvalvojia, opastajia, avustajia, bäkkäri catering, juontajia, esiintyjiä, mainostajia, no lista on tautisen loputon… En todella usko, että isot festarit järkätään ilman järeää vapaaehtoisarmeijaa.

Vapaaehtoisia saa helpoiten, kun he uskovat itse tapahtumaan ja sen ideaan. Tärkeintä kuitenkin jälleen kerran on pyrkiä osoittamaan heille kuinka tärkeitä he itse ovat. Ja kuinka korvaamatonta heidän mukana olonsa on.

Aika on rahaa, eikä ole kumpaakaan:

Syksy tulee pian. Kesälomat alkavat pian. Suomen kesä on lyhyt. Aika juoksee kauhean nopeasti. Jos todella syksyksi jotakin aiomme tehdä ja saada isoja asioita aikaiseksi… Olisi aika ruveta tekemään konkretiaa. Koska, kuka, missä, miksi, miten…

Me voimme vuosia puhua ideologiasta, brändeistä, muurien kaatamisista ja stigman poistosta… Mutta syksyyn ei ole vuosia aikaa. Muutama kuukausi. Jätetään siis äidinkielellinen jargoni taakse ja ruvetaan vääntämään festareita.

Jos festarit puhuvat puolestaan, sekä tästä koko ideologiasta, on paljon helpompaa sanoittaa ne jutut myöhemmin paperille.

Emme edelleenkään todenna tai todista mitään missään mitenkään, ennen kuin olemme testanneet ja tehneet ja todentaneet!

Tämä on siis pyyntöni… Action!

Tim Saarinen




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