4 programs for people who loves to dance and move their body

You know that kid who can’t stay still but is always hand standing or jumping around? Well, that kid was me. Expressing my feelings by movement has been natural for me and fortunately I was able to take dance lessons and channel my energy to a sport I loved.

During the years movement has become an art form where I can express myself. Even if it is just dancing at home or making choreography for my team it is a way to use my creativity and share with others. Physical movement is also an opportunity to make change in society and break barriers as it offers us the possibility to come together and share without words or common language.


Check here my tips to join the movement by moving your body during festival week!


1. Dancing is for everyone! Danceability Workshop

Tuesday 15th of September

15:00-16:00 finnish time

13:00-14:00 scottish time

5am-6am Pacific


“In this workshop, we work with movement improvisation and finding what is available to everyone to find the common group language so we can have fun moving together. You do not need any experience – all you need is a body to join!”


I am a person who loves to do improvisation during dancing and just go out and dance with others. During the times of the pandemic this has not been possible so I am really looking forward to joining others to dance together and have fun!


2. A stage without boundaries – a dance movie

Tuesday 15th of September

18:00-19:00 finnish time

16:00-17:00 scottish time

8am-9am Pacific


“This is a dance movie where mountain tops, ancient theaters to the livingroom become the stage.”


When I first met Gizem in a remote meeting I was so impressed with her idea of a stage and inspired the courage to go out and express herself through dancing. After the meeting I felt like I could just go out and dance! Even if I did not have actual courage to do that I feel like the world would be a better place if we would dance more in public. Maybe I start my dancing journey somewhere in the woods in Finland and work up from that.

However see the movie to get inspired and come to join the Q&A after the movie in Zoom!


3. Nora Amin: UnlOcking 3

Friday 18th of September

16:30-17:30 finnish time

14:30-16:30 scottish time

6.30am-7.30am Pacific


“Join Nora Amin as she conducts a Lecture/masterclass on dance, activism & healing rituals. An interactive online lecture/talk that includes active participation from all viewers, to explore dance practises that address personal experiences, diverse corporealities and performative activism.”


Amin’s workshop sounds really interesting one! The best thing about the digital festival is that people are able to share with others around the world and the physical place does not matter if you just have an internet connection. Really excited to be able to do this one at home!


4. Yoga and Meditation by Sue Darling Elivique

19th Saturday

19:30-21:00 finnish time

17:30-19:00 scottish time

09:30 am-11am Pacific


“Join Sue Darling for her special yoga class. This special class will focus on as many people around the world gathering together, to practice UNITY while generating positive, peaceful energy…and exploring our self from the inside.”


I have tried yoga many times in my life but I felt for a long time that I don’t really get it. To be honest I just felt stupid when doing yoga and trying to listen my body and breath when I was used to drive my body to it’s limits during sports. However last year was a breakthrough for me when I had already given up and thought that yoga is not for me. I attended yoga class at the university when I was living abroad and felt that something was different. Since then I have been exploring yoga! This class is something I am really looking forward to and a perfect way to spend the last day of the festival.



Festival coordinator