Join the festival online and locally worldwide on 3. & 4.11.2022

We believe that anyone and everyone has the power to create transformational change in themselves and those around them. We just have to be given the opportunity and the knowledge of how to do it. That is why this year’s festival is about organizing transformational actions in one’s community. How do you want to change and what would you like to see changed in the world around you?

Transformational activities can be anything that would create positive change in ourselves and the people that we do the action with. For example, it could be a game, a song, a collective writing or anything that creates community with one another and creates a new awareness that hopefully will build after the action and our festival ends.

So, think about a place that you want to transform in your community. Or a group that you belong to that you want to strengthen communal ties.  These actions can be done any point before our festival and then all you have to do is send us the documentation for the action and then we can share it with the world.

During the festival we hope to connect all of these transformational actions together and the people who led them so we can see that one positive action can lead to big change. Not sure what to do don’t worry we can help join our NLNW Action Monday’s and we can give whatever support we can. So join the festival and our monthly Action Monday meetups!

Check our meetups here! ->  https://citizen-network.org/news/save-the-date

Join the NLNW Festival 2022 here -> https://pokka.kukunori.fi/kukunori/nlnwfestival2022


During The No Labels No Walls history we have always been about building community both locally and internationally as we believe that we are all in this together. Art and culture has a unique role to play as it can break people out of habitual habits. During this Covid crisis we have realized that community building is the simple act of one person meeting someone new and making a connection that continues to grow over time. We also know the community isn’t labeled and fragmented like the powers that be want it to be! That is why we are asking everyone to engage with your community and create with others.

During this meeting we will go over the actions or planned actions that have happened or will happen. We will also start to think about what’s next for the actions and how it can keep transforming the world around us all!

Please remember to share with us your action on our group page www.facebook.com/groups/nolabelsnowalls and write us @ [email protected] so we can also help promote your action and get our community to join in! We can’t do it alone and we are here to support!

We hope to see during the meeting your photos, videos, live streams and messages from around the world showing examples of people connecting and changing the community around them! These actions can be anything you want to create with other people from taking a walk and picking up trash to make your community trash free or creating a poem with your neighbor or listening to a stranger’s story about their life or anything you want to do with someone else. 

The importance is that the actions are about connections and transformation. Also just as important at the end of your action you think, plan and perhaps take another action so your action keeps evolving into other actions. So one action becomes many. We hope to show that one action creates thousands of actions that can change the world. 

How can I join? How to get started? 

  1. Design your action: Think of your action and where it will take place. Write a small description. If you want, you can use the change design workbook to get your going. https://propellipaat.net/menetelmapankki/the-change-design-workbook/
  2. Create an event: Create a Facebook event on the NLNW group page so people know when and where your action will be and invite everyone to take a similar action in their community and let you know about it. Don’t worry if you don’t want to share where you will be, just give approx. location or whatever you feel comfortable with providing.
  3. Promote your event: Make No Labels No Walls page as one of the co-hosts of your event, so we can join and promote your action. Feel free to add as many people or organizations as co-hosts so you can increase the reach of your post easily with the network you are working with. Remember to share your event post with as many people, groups and pages as possible. Tag people that you know or might be interested to get more attention. Promote your event by asking your friends, neighbors and most importantly people you do not yet know. On top of social media marketing it is good to call and ask face-to-face people to join.
  4. Document your event and action: Take a photo, video, live stream or anything at all documenting your action and post it to your event page and/or to NLNW group page. Make sure you describe what happened, what results were created, what kind of impact did your action create and what you experienced. This video or photo can be before, during or after your action. Write in the in description part of your post or send it to us [email protected]
  5. Continue and transform your action:: Think how your action continues and how you and us can make that happen together! Also at the end of your action think, plan and share another action you can do or the person you participated with can do so your one action evolves into others. So one action becomes many. If you don’t use social media don’t worry, just email your pics, video or message about your actions to [email protected] If you need help please just let us know as well. 

The point is that all of our actions will be connected and what you do will affect us and vice versa. You have the power to affect real change all it takes is knocking on your neighbor’s door! Anyone can do this all it takes is a willingness to connect and a willingness to change! Join us! Let’s unite the world!

Michael Bierman & Markus Vähälä
No Labels No Walls
[email protected]


A world with No Labels No Walls believes in

1. Listening to one another.

2. Creating a sharing environment.

3. Equality, diversity and respect.

4. Creativity and art is for everyone.

5. Being open to new possibilities and increasing our awareness.

6. No one should be stigmatized and everyone should bee treated with dignity.

A world with No Labels No Walls collaborates together

1. To connect diverse populations.

2. To share best practices and learn new techniques.

3. To build international connections in order to gain global perspectives.

4. To make inclusion a priority in society.

5. To become aware of diverse perspectives so we can continue to grow and create.

6. Because success can’t be achieved alone and we all need each other.

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